General Conditions

1. You must be at least 25 years old to rent a motorcycle with Xwander, and have held a full motorcycle licence for two years or more.

2. The client admits that he received the documentations and the vehicle in perfect working conditions and is obliged to return it in the same manner on the date and hour specified on the contract. Xwander will charge a full rental day from an hour of delay.

3. All motorcycles are supplied with full charge pickup and should be returned with minimum 15% charge. Motorcycle batteries should not ever be driven less than 15% empty.

4. Damage excess of €1000 is reserved on your credit card. Your signature on the rental agreement page shall constitute authority for us to debit the final total charges against your account and your specific card-issuing organisation.

5. In case of an accident, you must notify Xwander office staff immediately by phoning us on 518 880 232. The client shouldn’t leave the vehicle unattended without taking the necessary measures to avoid further damage or loss, and should this happen, the client is liable to pay for the damage.

6. If the accident is due to a mechanical breakdown the client cannot claim any compensation to the company even in case of any other mechanical breakdown.

7. In the event of an accident, full damage deposit will be taken from the authorised credit card and held by Xwander until repair estimates are received. Where an accident occurs after which our motorcycle is deemed to be unroadworthy and which is the fault of the client, the rental contract is immediately terminated with no refund. Clients will be notified by email or phone of cost of repairs and any refund due will be refunded immediately.

8. The client is liable for any fines or penalties.

9. Our bikes are rented strictly for use on roads only. Our bikes are not to be taken off road or onto beaches under any circumstances.

10. The client is liable to pay for any punctures.

11. The client declares to accept all the conditions of the present contract by signing it’s overleaf. In case of any disagreement about the application of the clauses mentioned, the renter submits to Spanish Law.